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November 19, 2014
A tutorial for beginners: Migrating to Drupal!
Promet Source's super-smart part-Scrum Master and part-Chief Technology Officer joins Promet's entertainingly businessy...
November 18, 2014
A review of the open source tools created and/or used by the Drupal development team at Promet Source.
Part I highlighted the challenges of deployments, defined good deployments, and introduced the tools for developing the...
November 11, 2014
An introduction to Promet's Drupal 7 Framework: A set of tools and process for Drupal development. 
How often do pushes turn into nail biting, hair pulling, obscenity screaming, hours-long events? How often does one...
October 22, 2014
Promet works tirelessly to keep our clients safe from vulnerabilities.
Please be aware of an SSL vulnerability, the POODLE.  While we find it mildly fun to scream "Beware the...
October 15, 2014
Promet keeps our clients updated and secure throughout this critical Drupal issue.
Today, October 15, 2014 at 12:02pm, the Drupal Security team released a security advisory for Drupal 7.x Core: ...
October 9, 2014
Promet Source to sponsor, exhibit and attend higher education tech shows.
Promet Source is spreading the Drupal for Higher Ed love! Join us! Promet Source understands the...