Who said technical writing has to be dry and boring? Learning a new process goes a lot smoother when there is detailed documentation to guide you along. Documentation also serves as a record of innovative thinking. It’s the testament to creative problem-solving and, aside from the product itself, Read More
If 2015 was a good year for your Drupal site then first let me say kudos. Well done!  If it wasn't such a good year then you have my sympathy. More importantly, you have support -- Drupal Support! Use our checklist of Drupal site supportability to determine if your site is in good shape to Read More
Drupal Support 2016 Checklist
The End-to-end Testing Revolution in Drupal 8 When we discuss Continuos Integration, one of the core principles is a process for self-testing your Drupal site build. Automated testing was a thorny prospect in previous versions of the Drupal CMS. That is, until the release of Drupal 8. This post Read More
The Promet Source team put together a Drupal 8 site for DrupalCamp Cebu. The camp was going to happen some time before the official release of Drupal 8.0.0, a date that was still unknown to us when we started, so the team had no choice but to start building the site in beta versions then move up to Read More
An image with a title 'Our Experience Building Production Sites on Drupal 8'
When load testing, we simulate user interaction with a website, increase the frequency or the number of interactions and collect the results of system usage, then analyze them to aid system improvement towards desired results. The data will prove useful for creating benchmarks of site performance, Read More
Tuning Drupal Site and Performance with Load Storm and New Relic