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New Possibilities for Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling

To an increasing degree, communities that are passionate about responsible environmental stewardship, devote resources to water, waste, and recycling websites that are aesthetically striking and align with current user needs and expectations.

The best waste and recycling websites don't compromise on aesthetics and an excellent user experience. 

Two recent examples: 

The Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District website and Orange County, California's Waste and Recycling website.


Objectives for the Wasatch Front Site

In addition to reflecting Salt Lake County residents' pride in the landscape and the unique land formations that surround them, the recently launched Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling site is providing for new administrative efficiencies and a greater customer experience overall. At the same time, it is serving to personalize and put a face on the people who run the waste & recycling district. 

Key among the advantages of the new site:

  • A flexible component-based design system that enables content editors to easily make updates and switch up layouts, with the assurance of staying within brand and design guidelines; 
Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling web page


  • A calendar-based seasonal container rental program and reservation system incorporates a depth and breadth of logic, is easy to use, and is integrated with online payments; and 
Calendar on the Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling Site


  • An easily scanned navigation system that enables users to quickly find the information they need.


Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling web page

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