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Integrated into Promet’s holistic solution to web development, we offer a full slate of web hosting support and consultation. We can either maintain and monitor web hosting on your behalf or recommend a solution that most closely aligns with your needs.



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As experts in Drupal web development, we have achieved Strategic Partner status with Pantheon and Elite Partner status with Acquia, the two leading hosting platforms for Drupal websites.

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to evaluate your hosting needs and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective solutions from only the best hosting partners. We also vet other hosting platforms, such as Google Cloud, AWS, Contegix,, and WP Engine, ensuring that your website's bandwidth, compatibility, reliability, uptime, and security are top-notch.


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Ongoing support for unparalleled site success

We believe in the ultimate success of your website, and that's why we take a stake in your hosting platform selection. Our commitment to your organization's goals goes beyond web development, as we offer ongoing support and consultation to ensure your site's continuous performance. This is supported by the fact that Promet Source is awarded by Clutch as one of the Top Illinois Web Developers for 2022, recognizing our commitment to outstanding support for our clients.

Whether you choose us to maintain and monitor hosting or opt for another provider, we are passionate about optimizing your web advantage.


Featured Projects

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See how the Acquia Cloud Platform platform provided an assurance of great performance and support for the Orange County website.


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Read how selecting Pantheon as the hosting partner resulted in significant cost efficiencies for Marin County Health and Human Services.


Portland State University homepage

See how the Acquia Cloud Platform ensured the speed and reliability for the Portland State University website, as well as support for an efficient Drupal deployment.




What’s your partnership status with Pantheon and Acquia?

The Strategic Pantheon Partner designation is restricted to members in the open source web development community who are enterprise-level participants and contributors. This means our clients who choose to migrate their hosting to Pantheon are the first to benefit from all the capabilities and support of Pantheon as well.

For example, Frank Lloyd Wright Trust chose us as their web hosting support here in Chicago to migrate them from Rackspace to Pantheon, ensuring stellar uptime and safety for their website.

For Acquia, we are one of the 28 agencies who have reached Elite Partner status. This means our developers are certified in their ability to work with and deliver results using the Acquia Platform.

Our partnership status with these hosting platforms matter because you would want to work with an agency that continuously improves themselves and contributes to the betterment of the open-source community.


What does the term “server uptime” mean?

Server uptime refers to how long a server hosting a website or application remains up and running to users without experiencing any unplanned downtime or interruptions.

On the other hand, server downtime refers to any server incidents that make your website unavailable. This can be extremely frustrating to both the users and the owners of the website.

Having exceptional server uptime matters because it affects user experience and even your organization’s bottom line, especially if you’re highly dependent on the performance of your website. Imagine if you have a user who absolutely needs information or a service only you can provide, then they can’t access your website. That would be a nightmare for you both.

This is why we at Promet Source hold ourselves and our hosting partners to the highest degree of responsibility and reliability. Being one of the top Drupal web development companies in Chicago, we cannot be anything less than serious about providing our clients with world-class service.


I need to ask more questions about this service. Where can I send my questions?

Sure thing! Feel free to fill out our contact form or connect with us through chat.


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