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Provus® Sparks New Possibilities for SIU Med

When the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine reached out to Promet Source for the design, development, and Drupal migration of two sites with separate URLs that needed to connect while remaining distinct, there were specific expectations for what needed to be accomplished. In addition to a seamless linkage between two separate URLs, one targeted toward patients, and the other targeted toward current and prospective medical students, key requirements included:

  • Streamlined navigation that enabled users to easily find what they needed;
  • Simplified and flexible content editing capabilities within a permissions structure that could accommodate varying levels of access for 80 plus content editors;
  • Mobile responsiveness; 
  • Enhanced search functionality; and 
  • An engaging user experience and design.

Achieving this and a lot more, the SIU School of Medicine now has the benefit of two exceedingly flexible digital properties. Promet's Provus® platform enables marketers and content editors to easily make updates, switch up layouts, and even add new pages.


The site is amazingly customizable and easy for me to set up permissions and train content editors to use. It’s fun to have the capability to be creative without knowing how to code.

                         -- Marissa Weatherford, Web Content Manager, SIU School of Medicine


Provus® ensures that sites in the healthcare industry can continue to evolve as new priorities, directions, or five-year plans emerge. The built-in potential for iterations, whenever needed, essentially eliminates the need for across-the-board redesigns at a later point -- empowering content owners and marketing teams with the right tools to keep their sites up to date, brand aligned, and dynamically reflecting current organizational capabilities.

Review the full case study. 

Summarizing the technical specifications that proved key to the success of and 

  • Promet’s Provus® platform provided pre-configured Drupal blocks or components, which integrated with Layout Builder – exceeding client expectations with the easy updating capabilities and the ability to create rich, full-featured landing pages without any coding expertise. 
  • The Drupal Domain Access module facilitated the user experience of being able to easily toggle between top nav tabs for the two separate urls for two separate sites that with a sense that they were integrated and functioned as a single web experience. 
  • Drupal Layout Builder provided for a high level of flexibility for switching up layouts and adding content as needed.
  • Promet’s upgrade of the Fullcalendar View module ensured ADA accessibility for the calendar. 
  • The Drupal Layout Backgrounds module enabled content and content blocks to be imposed on top of any image, which enhanced design flexibility and added a creative design element. 
  • Solr Search laid the foundation for complex search requirements.

Interested in web solutions that exceed expectations with expertly curated capabilities to ensure that a site can easily flex and bend with evolving organizational priorities? Contact Promet Source today!

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