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Martin County, Florida encompasses vibrant communities and vast beauty -- from a stunning barrier island nature preserve and sanctuary, to high-end shopping and art galleries, beaches, stunning architecture, top-rated golf courses, Sailfish Splash Waterpark, a vast network of boat paddling trails, spectacular sunsets, 75 parks, and so much more. With a population of 161,000 and located on Florida’s Treasure Coast region, Martin County faces the threat of hurricanes every season, and stands as a model of excellent communication and preparedness.

Project overview

Citizens of Martin County take great pride in their region. As an area that relies on tourism, it is essential that the Martin County Florida website visually reflect the area’s spectacular beauty and the wide range of attractions, while providing residents efficient access to needed resources and information. Promet Source has a valued history with the Martin County website, beginning with the migration of an Oracle Portal CMS to a Drupal 7 CMS, along with the development of a mobile responsive design. 

This engagement led to a site redesign, that amounted to a visual overhaul, leveraging the same site structure, page hierarchy, and functionality, as well as compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Following the completion of the design overhaul, Promet continues to support Martin County’s website with regular maintenance, support, strategic consultation, and continuous web development. 

Flexibility built into the site, has enabled non-technical editors to easily customize pages, perform in-line editing, creating new pages, add them to the menu, update alerts, embed videos, and insert images.  This inherent flexibility proved an essential benefit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as visits spiked and residents relied on the Martin County website as a key source of information and alerts. 

Streamlined navigation and striking visual appeal of the Martin County website site earned it a 2019 Communicator Award of Distinction

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