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Next Level Tools that Fast Track Drupal Migrations

When the Council on Foundations set out to migrate its site to Drupal 9, along with a Drupal website redesign, the stakes were high for ensuring that the new site furthered strategic objectives and reflected the value and benefits of membership. The Council's website serves as the primary channel for interaction with membership, and overall enhancements to the user experience were required. 

Efficient development and migration processes were also a critical objective, as the new site represented a pivotal and strategic step forward and stakeholders were eager to see the new site come to life.

Promet's Provus platform proved to be a key success factor. 

From new levels of design efficiency to enhanced back-end and front-end implementation processes, here are five ways that Provus served as the foundation of a streamlined redesign and migration to Drupal 9. 


Simplified Content Types and Fields

Provus’s simplified content types and fields laid the groundwork for creation of migration scripts that ensured a seamless migration from Drupal 7 content to the Provus content types for the Drupal 9 site. 


Provus Modules

Modules built into Provus—Layout Builder, Bootstrap Layout Builder, Views Bootstrap, Fullcalendar Views and Responsive Images—were leveraged to extend the site’s functionality. 


Council on Foundations web page


Existing Provus Blocks and Contributed Modules

To accommodate the migration of sub-sites from the Drupal 7 site, for which there is not a compatible Drupal 9 contributed module, Promet developers worked with existing Provus blocks, along with other contributed modules, to achieve the requested menu structure and styling for the subsites.  


Bootstrap and Responsive Images

Bootstrap and Responsive Images (both modules that are built into Provus) were leveraged to complement Drupal 9’s responsive design features, helping to wrap up theming for images quickly and effectively.


Provus' Advanced Fullcalendar View

Provus’s Advanced Fullcalendar View custom module helped developers to easily configure calendar functionality, such as creating multiple dates or recurring dates for events.

Read the full case study.


Council on Foundations web page


Interested in a Provus demo or in learning more about next-level efficiencies in migrating to Drupal 9?  Let us know what we can do for you, and we'll be in touch!