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Website performance is the speed, reliability, and efficiency with which a website is able to load web pages and deliver content. It refers to how fast a user can access and interact with a web page. Website performance is essential for providing a good user experience, as slow loading times can… Read More
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Monitor showing measuring website performance.
The topic of open source vs. proprietary software for government websites – actually any website – is the source of a lot of conversation and consideration these days.  Very often, it’s website maintenance and support that proves to be the key differentiator. With proprietary software, support is… Read More
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On the surface, there’s not much about Drupal maintenance and support that seems compelling.  The exciting part, of course, is the design, development, and launch of a new site—this phase is full of promise, game-changing possibilities, and anticipation on many levels.  If the fundamental… Read More
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Drupal Support and Maintenance