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Cultivating a Drupal Site

No "Small" Drupal Support Contracts

I was recently thinking about Promet’s engagement with British Columbia’s Knowledge Network, and was reminded of a famous maxim from the theater world: “There are no small parts, only small actors.”

I’ve always loved that saying because it drives home the point that excellence at every level and at every point in a process, plants seeds for growth that often exceed expectations. 

About two years ago, Knowledge Network’s Director of Streaming Platforms, Ravi Singh met Promet’s President, Andy Kucharski at a Drupal event. Knowledge Network was working on a Drupal 7 migration and needed “a little help,” as Ravi recalls. 

Promet stepped in to lend a hand. 

At a high-stakes point in the project, two key members of the Knowledge Network team resigned to pursue other opportunities. Similar scenarios happen a lot in the current environment, as competition for talent is steep.

Promet seamlessly and adeptly filled what appeared to be a temporary staffing void. In doing so, Ravi and our friends at Knowledge Network discovered that access to the specialized Drupal migration and development expertise of an entire web design and development agency, positioned them to move forward far more efficiently and confidently than relying on the skillsets of individual hires. 

Read the full case study.

As is often the case with support clients, a value-added partnership and true friendship developed. Migrating dozens of custom modules has been a complex aspect of the migration  – complexities that we’ve been thrilled to remove from our client’s plate. Once complete: a site redesign, a possible transition to headless Drupal, and ongoing enhancements.  

Here at Promet, we’re honored for the opportunity to be of service and simplify the complex. And we’re particularly proud of our teams who, time after time, give 110 percent to all engagements regardless of the size.

Looking for “a little help” with a Drupal migration? A lot of help? Consultation? Conversation? Or anything in between? That’s what we do. Let us know what we can do for you



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