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Our strong focus on security and compliance, coupled with extensive experience in seamless data integration and accessibility, ensures your website meets the highest standards as a result of your migration to open-source solutions.



How we can help

At Promet Source, we specialize in guiding organizations through seamless and secure web migrations to Drupal or WordPress for the CMS and Acquia or Pantheon for hosting solutions.

In order to manage website migration projects efficiently, our expert team of developers work as one. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of various sectors, we ensure a streamlined migration process that optimizes outcomes without disrupting your current operations.




Robust security measures and accessibility compliance

We understand the paramount importance of website security. With our team's depth of experience working with industries and websites that prioritize privacy, we provide a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your website.

Our team focuses on accessibility throughout every phase of the migration project, ensuring compliance with ADA and regulations like GDPR. Rest assured, your website will meet the highest security standards and provide an inclusive digital experience for all users.


Featured Projects

The White House

See how we migrated a U.S. Federal Government website from a "home-grown system with a lot of hand coding” and a WordPress blog to Drupal.


Orange County homepage

See how we migrated 41 distinct Orange County, California websites from their proprietary software to Drupal, saving them an estimated annual cost of $100,000.


United States District Court Southern District of New York homepage

See how we collaborated with the United States District Court Southern District of New York to migrate their difficult to maintain, home-grown site to Drupal.




Why do you use open source?

It’s simple—we want the solutions we provide to truly benefit our clients. Open-source solutions result in more secure, more flexible, and more stable websites, and more savings for our clients. There’s a large community that contributes to making the solutions better, and our clients aren’t locked with any vendor.

You can learn more about open source advantages through these articles:


How long does it take to migrate a website?

It depends on the size of the website, the scope of the project, and how many websites we’re talking about.

For example, the Orange County migration project took around 18 months, including discovery sessions, training, documentation, and more for each of the 12 phases done by the developer, while the Southern District of New York website took less than 12 months.

The hosting migration for UC Riverside, on the other hand, only took three weeks for the 525 websites.


I need to ask more questions about this service. Where can I send my questions?

Sure thing! Feel free to fill out our contact form or connect with us through chat.


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