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A frequent question in the open-source CMS world is a variation of: “Which is better, Drupal or WordPress?”  There’s not a simple answer to the WordPress vs Drupal question. Many have a strong bias towards one CMS or the other, but often, staunch opinions on the subject are based on a few… Read More
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WordPress has been on a steady and steep growth trajectory since its introduction in 2003 as a blogging platform. Latest stats indicate that WordPress powers more than 40 percent of all websites, with a 65 percent share of the CMS market. That’s more than all other CMS platforms combined. A lot… Read More
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WordPress stats and popularity factors
When a well-entrenched regional business grows by continuously building upon a track record of service, integrity, and quality, the website needs to help reinforce those values. That was not the case at Binford Supply for many years, which maintained a solid market position despite an outdated… Read More
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