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The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has a storied history that even predates the U.S. Supreme Court. Originally named the District Court of New York, the court’s first presiding judge was appointed by President George Washington in 1789.

Frequently in the news for high-profile cases, the breadth of the court’s civil docket is far reaching and includes cases in the area of civil rights, labor and employment laws, antitrust, securities laws, environmental laws, and patent, trademark and copyright. Criminal cases include bank robbery, financial fraud, immigration frauds, distribution of illegal substances, and racketeering.

The Southern District of New York now encompasses counties of New York, Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, and Sullivan, and hears cases in Manhattan, White Plains, and Poughkeepsie.

Project overview

Starting with a Discovery Workshop Promet Source collaborated with the Southern District of New York to clarify the full scope of objectives associated with transforming the SDNY's entire web presence from that of a difficult to maintain, home-grown site into a visually engaging framework that identified persona user groups and provided them a path to more easily navigate the site for their distinct needs.  

In addition to a more streamlined user experience, the new site needed to be easy to maintain, allowing for non-technical content editors and contributors with varying permission levels to update and add to the site as needed. Working with Promet Source and Paramount Software Solutions as development partners, Drupal 8 was selected as the ideal content management system to achieve the full range of client objectives.

The Drupal 8 CMS framework allowed for Promet to migrate existing content over the Southern District of New York's their previous site to populate the new site’s data. Promet also created a more engaging and modern-looking website for the court, that used diverse imagery and branding to uphold the dignity and prestige of the court’s history.

The site now provides many pathways for accessing information by offering a persona-based categorization of site content for users to easily identify their needs and drill down into relevant needs. Now jurors, attorneys, and individuals seeking much-needed forms and resources that they can filter and refine to easily isolate their needed resources. 

Experience working with the federal government, large stakeholder groups, enterprise-size websites and necessary security clearances proved essential in facilitating a productive engagement that led to the strategy, design, and development of the court’s new website.

In 2019, the Southern District of New York website was awarded a 26th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction.


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