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Pantheon Lightning Award and Provus

Pantheon Taps Promet for Top Innovation Award

This year, Pantheon set out to evaluate the digital landscape and recognize the world’s best WebOps leaders for creating web experiences that “drive deep, positive change.”

As a leading hosting platform for Drupal sites, and a top SaaS-based website operations platform for developers, designers, and marketers, Pantheon provides a distinct perspective and knowledge of the current scope of transformative solutions that are making a difference. That’s among the reasons why we believe that the Promet Provus platform’s receipt of Pantheon’s 2021 Lighting Award for Innovation represents such a profound achievement.

Pantheon selected Provus:

For creating an innovative user experience enabling content editors to quickly and easily customize, iterate and deploy websites on-brand and at scale for large, multisite networks.


Citing an example of what Provus is enabling Promet Source to achieve in service to our clients, Pantheon further noted that, “The [Promet] team successfully rolled out 53 websites for [a large county website], completing two to three sites every six weeks."


What is Provus?

A Drupal platform that provides marketers and content editors with a library of design components, along with drag-and-drop capabilities to quickly build and update pages as needed, Provus is paving the way for a new normal of no-code, content editor empowerment.

Inspired by the realization that nearly every website consists of various combinations of roughly 15-20 types of features or patterns, Provus organizes a library of high-quality components that can be repurposed for low-code, no-code site building, to create a foundation for:

  • Easier content editing capabilities with drag-and-drop functionality,
  • Greater design flexibility within defined brand standards, and
  • Streamlined development using Drupal’s proven content models.


How Provus Works

Combining the latest drag-and-drop page-building tools in Drupal with a curated library of components, Provus enables content editors to layer designs, add functionality, and rearrange layouts for more engaging and interactive web experiences. Provus is also accelerating development by combining commonly used content types and features with a library of off-the-shelf components.  

Provus on Pantheon, pushes this accelerated development cycle even further by leveraging Pantheon’s WebOps tools, enabling integration in ways that include: 

  • Access to Terminus through the Docksall docker orchestration tool.
  • Use of a single command, “fin pull,” to get the latest database and media assets. 
  • An automatic push of updated versions, to Pantheon from Travis, when pull requests are merged to the “develop” branch.  
  • Configuration import and database updates that happen automatically using Quicksilver.
  • Notification of Slack channels when new code is deployed using Quicksilver.


Under the Hood

Provus leverages Drupal’s Layout Builder module, enhanced by additional contributed modules that include Layout Builder Browser, Layout Builder Library, along with some custom configuration and theming. 

To create high quality, flexible, and accessible components, Provus uses the Emulsify theme, taking advantage of Emulsify’s Storybook integration to facilitate the development and reuse of components across projects. 

Provus’ most flexible and powerful component, the “Link Group,” allows marketers and content editors to choose any content type and apply any of the available cards or component layouts. For example, a content editor can choose events, filter by the event type, sort by title or date, and then place that on the page in a number of available carousels, content list types, or in rows or columns.

An essential differentiator with Provus is the built-in brand governance that ensures marketers and content editors are working within a framework of brand and style guidelines to maintain a consistent aesthetic, brand-aligned user experience. 

See a demo of Provus in action!


Inherently Open Source

Provus is Open Source and is powered within an Open Source ecosystem that includes:

  • Docker
  • Cypress
  • Behat
  • Storybook
  • Drupal
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Solr
  • PHP
  • Redis


Signature Promet Source

I could not be prouder of the collective brainpower and the Promet team’s dedication to our clients’ success that has factored into the development of Provus. Provus serves as a powerful representation of our fervent dedication to our clients’ success, as we consistently ask the kinds of questions that begin with “Why Not?” and “What If?” 

It’s great to win awards and the Pantheon 2021 Lightning Award for Innovation is a big one. But truly, our greatest reward is the opportunity to serve as a trusted partner for our clients, while continuing to ignite digital possibilities.

Interested in a demo of Provus in action, or want to talk about new possibilities? Let us know what we can do for you!