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It has become increasingly common to find located in the footer of many websites a link to their Statement of Accessibility. In a few cases you will find some sites with a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) and Statement of Accessibility linked. What are these documents? What is their… Read More about Documenting Web Accessibility: Do You Need a VPAT?
VPAT for documenting web accessibility
Are your meetings falling flat lately? For many, the realities of remote working are wearing kind of thin. We’re looking for ways to breathe more life into meetings and raise the bar for engagement, productivity, and yes, even fun.  It’s easy to become frustrated with participants during a call… Read More about 5 Rules of Improv to Spark More Productive Meetings
Improv Comedy for Business Meetings
Human-centered design is a concept that gained traction in the 1990s as an approach  to developing innovative solutions based on a laser-sharp focus on human needs and human perspectives during every phase of a design or problem-solving process. Building upon the principles of human-centered design… Read More about What is Human-Centered Web Design?
Human centered web design in action
2020 was hard. At Promet Source, we’re planning for and counting on 2021 being easier and better in many ways. We realized last year that there actually was something we could do to raise the bar for 2021 and make life easier and better for everyone who manages a Drupal website.  We developed… Read More about New Normal for 2021: Drag & Drop Drupal Content Editing
Provus drag and drop content editing
Even though 2020 came to a close with an overwhelming sense of “good riddance,” the year was not all bad. It was filled with as many surprises as it was filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and many new developments. The realities of remote work revealed new levels of resilience and… Read More about 2020 Recap: Top Blogs Signal New Growth Opportunities
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