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When a well-entrenched regional business grows by continuously building upon a track record of service, integrity, and quality, the website needs to help reinforce those values. That was not the case at Binford Supply for many years, which maintained a solid market position despite an outdated site… Read More about Wordpress Website Ignites New Growth Trajectory
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ADA Title III lawsuits are on the rise, but nowhere was the 2018 to 2019 increase more extreme than in the state of Illinois, where the number of federal lawsuits more than doubled from 70 in 2018 to 190 in 2019. This 171 percent increase highlights the importance of ADA web accessibility… Read More about Illinois Sees Sharp Rise in Rate of ADA Lawsuits
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Heuristics is one of those words that sounds extremely academic, but whose meaning is refreshingly simple. Essentially, heuristics refer to rules of thumb, mental shortcuts -- or the kinds of decision-making frameworks that we engage in every day. Sometimes we do so consciously, other times, we act… Read More about What are Heuristics? How Do They Apply to UI/UX?
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The impact of this years’ shelter-in-place orders and social distancing guidelines, along with every aspect of how we have coped -- or not coped -- with Covid-19 will be analyzed for years to come. Big changes have emerged in the ways that we interact with the world, and the next normal will likely… Read More about Pandemic Sparks Web Accessibility Breakthroughs
Online accessibility breakthrough due to Coronavirus
Until recently, content management systems essentially fell into one of two camps: Intuitive, easy-to-create and manage SAAS solutions, such as WIX and Squarespace, or Flexible and scalable solutions, such as Drupal, for websites with complex data models and a depth of content.   Quantum… Read More about Drupal Enabled Drag and Drop Content Management
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