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An Intro to Content Migration

Promet Source's super-smart part-Scrum Master and part-Chief Technology Officer joins Promet's entertainingly businessy (less-technical) Marketing Manager. Johnnie Fox and Maggie Graham (respectively) will introduce you to that which is involved in the great metamorphosis: Switching to Drupal

Prepare thyself for the right amount of technical advice blended with the right amount of business tips! It's perfect for the non-technical to the mildly technical person looking to prepare to transform and migrate to Drupal! (Read: If you're a developer looking to learn how to use the Migrate module...this is not for you!)


In this 60 minute webinar, you will learn:
Why move to Drupal?
Essential terminology for understanding and communicating with your technical team!
How to prepare for a migration/transformation project!
Money-saving tips from the experts!
What you can expect when switching your CMS (maybe even the unexpected..eek!)
Risk and challenges...How to mitigate, prepare and resolve!
Determining what to transfer, upgrade, and discard!
What is the Migrate Module?
How long will this take?
What software exists that will help?
Common pitfalls to avoid!
The right questions to ask your developer!
This webinar is meant to introduce and educate anyone who wants to explore switching to Drupal from another CMS. It will help you understand how to prepare and execute a smooth project.