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COVID-19 has fueled, among many things, a hefty appetite for data and analytics. Having witnessed a rapid-fire evolution from a few, isolated cases in another corner of the world, to a pandemic that has the globe in its grips, data visualizations are now helping to tell the story and reveal the… Read More
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Recent challenges sparked by widespread work-at-home mandates are revealing an essential need to ensure productivity and engagement for remote meetings. Many of us are familiar with the internet meme video, A Conference Call in Real Life.  It may resonate as all too real (but still very funny… Read More
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ADA web accessibility compliance ultimately requires that developers get into the weeds of the 78 guidelines that make up WCAG 2.1. Visual checks and quick scans provide a solid starting point, however, and serve as key indicators of underlying accessibility violations.  Here’s an overview of the… Read More
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Current realities are rapidly shifting for all of us. What to do now? What can we expect?  During a time of crisis, the quality of communications can have a huge impact, and not just in the moment. The effects of what is said and what is not said will linger, and reveal much about the organization… Read More
A Crisis Communication sign with the header of the blog: Words Matter: Communication in a Time of Crisis
There’s nothing like the threat of a global pandemic to bring the topic of working remotely to the forefront.  This week, in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), companies from all over the world are scrambling to get systems and policies in place to ensure that work… Read More
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