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Conversations concerning accessibility of digital assets tend to fall into one of two categories: the carrot or the stick.  The carrot is the host of business benefits associated with ensuring a great and accessible experience for all users. All too often, though, it’s the stick -- the threat of a Read More
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“Is it worth it?”   This summer, I’ve been asked a lot of questions concerning Promet Source’s commitment to sponsoring Drupal Camps, as well as our eagerness to lead training events and be present at them in every way that we can.    I get that at any given moment, most of us have more on our Read More
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The countdown for the June 2020 release of Drupal 9 has begun. There are the two burning questions on the minds of Drupal Devotees as the Drupal community awaits this next big thing:  What can we expect from Drupal 9? What should we do between now and next June? As the Business Development lead Read More
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The majority of communications regarding digital accessibility tend to focus on websites only. Too often, it’s overlooked that PDFs  are also required to be accessible. Here are some guidelines to help in the review and remediation of existing documents, along with guidance for ensuring Read More
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Business is hopping. You’re hiring Drupal developers with varied backgrounds and skill sets.  When working in Drupal, there are often many ways to achieve the same outcome, and quite often, Drupal developers find themselves on different pages. How do you determine whose way is the 'best' way and Read More
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