Before joining Promet Source, I had frequently heard their reputation for employing some of the best developers in the industry.  I have seen this proven time and again, with both new development projects and countless “rescue” projects we deliver.   So, what does a trainer do to help experienced Read More
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Before setting out for a road trip, I never leave home without the essentials: playlists full of all my favorite tunes, a good friend that doesn't mind when I sing off key, plenty of snacks, and of course, directions to wherever I'm headed. Although I believe the journey can be half the fun, I Read More
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It's that time of year again for our favorite Drupal camp - MidCamp Chicago! Although Promet Source loves participating in all the camps we've had the pleasure of attending over the years, we always have a soft spot for our home town camp.  This year, Promet Source is supporting the camp as an Read More
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Each year, Drupal veterans and newbies alike flock to camps around the globe to learn from their peers about the latest open source tools, Drupal best practices and share in the general meeriment that naturally comes about when you gather 300+ Drupalists together for a weekend. Drupal Camp Florida Read More
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Why should I load test my site before launch? Website load testing is used to simulate user interaction with a website, increase the frequency or the number of interactions, collect the results of system usage, and then analyze them to aid in system improvement towards desired results. There are Read More
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