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What is Provus?

Provus®: Drupal Content Editing Reimagined

At Promet Source, our favorite types of questions are “why not?” and “what if?”  This mindset energizes new approaches and possibilities. It’s the perspective that’s fueled a lot of our collective brainpower lately, sparking some big questions such as: 

What if we could leverage the coding and the components that we create for one website, for purposes of building a foundation for vast new efficiencies while making content editing easier and more efficient?


How can we simplify content editing, while empowering marketers and content editors to revise and reconfigure their sites as they see fit, without requiring any tech expertise or tinkering with the code?


These are the kinds of questions that have driven the development of Provus®


What is Provus®?

Provus® is Promet’s solution for making the content editing experience better for marketers and site managers.

Promet Source created Provus® because we get it -- that within every organization, priorities, perspectives, and products are constantly evolving, and that keeping Drupal sites updated at the same pace is a big challenge for fast-moving marketing teams.

With Provus®, marketers and content editors get access to a library of customized, commonly used components -- such as galleries, carousels, maps, lists, blogs, FAQs, quick links, grids, social media assets, and events -- that are designed to be mixed, matched, and rearranged. 


What Sets Provus® Apart?

A big differentiator between Provus® and other drag-and-drop page-building tools is that marketers and content editors can be assured that they won't "break the site" and any combination of components available within Provus® will be ADA accessible, adhere to brand standards, and look great. 

Clients working with Promet benefit from our design team customizing options for their site to ensure that the range of possibilities for reconfiguring the look and layout of a page is within a system of brand and accessibility guidelines. Provus® is Open Source and has the inherent benefits of an Open Source product. 


Content editors can also count on: 

  • Self-adjusting features that ensure adequate contrast between fonts and background colors for readability and ADA accessibility. 
  • The assurance that brand guidelines stay intact as layouts change. 
  • The ability to easily change patterns within the views, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between edit and publish modes.

Provus® bridges the CMS divide that had formerly existed between easy-to-create and manage solutions, such as -- WIX or Squarespace -- and Drupal, which provides a scalable solution for complex, enterprise-level sites.


See the difference

This sequence of images demonstrates how a single view can be adjusted without having to delete the existing component, redundantly re-enter content, and start a new layout.

Provus® enables the content editor to simply select from several alternate views creating a variety of layouts with either manual inline content or pulling in automatic dynamic content from existing Drupal content types such as News or Events.

Screen capture of the Provus Content Editor experience
The Provus CMS within Drupal allows easy selection from a variety of layouts.



Screen Cap of the Provus CMS
Featuring the Card Carousel, the Group Display component provides multiple views of a set of contents.



Provus CMS view of a simplified content editing experience
Provus users simply change the layout by selecting a new view within the component without having to reenter content. Multiple view options are available for this commonly used component.


Carousel view displayed in the Wysiwyg editor.
The newly selected view is then displayed in the Drupal WYSIWYG editor of Layout Builder. The library of components that are part of Provus provides ways to display engaging content that extends beyond basic content pages that are part of Drupal out-of-the-box.


What's New & Next

As a thought leader on how humans interact with technology, Promet Source has enthusiastically created Provus® and we are excited about the new possibilities that are in store.


Interested in hearing what Provus can do for you, or seeing a demo of Provus® in action?

Read more about Provus® here and sign up for a demo!