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Knowledge Network is a British Columbia public broadcast company with educational and arts-related programming that’s accessible from a wide range of streaming platforms for both video-on-demand and television. As a Crown Corporation, Knowledge Network is a non-profit, public sector organization established by and accountable to the government.

Project overview

Promet’s engagement with Knowledge Network began with a meeting at a DrupalCon event in 2020, and a request for “a little help,” with a Drupal 7 migration. The initial 50 hour support contract has evolved into a true partnership for consultative support, management of an extremely complex Drupal migration, and ongoing development work.

The need to revamp the initial support contract first occurred when a lead developer for Knowledge Network, resigned to pursue another opportunity, at a critical juncture in the Drupal migration project. With much at stake, Promet Source seamlessly stepped in to fill the void, and proceeded to demonstrate that the depth of resources and expertise that it had to offer exceeded the capabilities of individual employees. Rather than hire to fill the job vacancies, Knowledge Network strengthened its ties to Promet Source.

With the migration still a work in progress, plans are in place to migrate hosting from on-premise servers to the cloud, followed by a redesign of the website and a possible transition to headless Drupal. 

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