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Google  has made gigantic leaps in streamlining search results -- to the point that more than 50% of Google searches no longer result in a click-through to a website or other content. More often than not, search queries and question-based searches can now be answered directly from the Search Engine… Read More about SEO and Analytics for Zero-Click Searches
Zero click search
Covid-19 has presented higher education websites with distinct challenges. During a semester when it's iffy whether students or faculty will be present on campus at all, a cohesive communications platform that offers easy access to all necessary updates, information, and resources is more important… Read More about Retooling Higher Ed Sites for the New and Next Normal
Waubonsee Community College mywcc representation
In the evolving world of web design and development, component-based design systems represent a revolutionary leap -- a previously missing link that replaces an environment of siloed functions and time-consuming complexities with high velocity capabilities that fuel flexibility, consistency, and… Read More about Advantages of Component-Based Web Design Systems
Atomic web design
Often, the most effective means of managing complexity is a laser-sharp focus on simplification -- breaking down a project into its smallest component parts and visualizing incremental  steps toward completion beginning with the smallest building blocks.    That’s exactly what Brad Frost has… Read More about What is Atomic Web Design?
Depiction of Atomic Design Elements
In this second part of our series on Mastering Entity Access, we present a scenario in which overriding the entity access handler proved to be the optimal solution for a client requirement that we override the menu set on Block Layout settings at the node level. In the process we gained valuable… Read More about How to Override Entity Access Handlers in Drupal
How to override the entity access handler in Drupal