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At Promet Source, our favorite types of questions are “why not?” and “what if?”  This mindset energizes new approaches and possibilities. It’s the perspective that’s fueled a lot of our collective brainpower lately, sparking some big questions such as:  What if we could leverage the coding and… Read More about Provus! Drupal Content Editing Reimagined
What is Provus?
The new realities of zero-click search and zero-click visitors are upending the long-standing key performance indicators (KPIs) that had helped to gauge the effectiveness of websites.  Let’s first look at the traditional website KPIs which have provided insight into user behavior and levels of… Read More about Website KPIs and the Dynamics of Zero Click
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All of us in the Open Source CMS world are asked, from time to time, variations on the question of: “Which is better, Drupal or WordPress?”  Of course, there’s not a simple answer to the WordPress vs. Drupal question. Many have a strong bias towards one content management system or the other, but… Read More about Drupal & WordPress: Top CMS Players and Their Strengths
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Early in 2020, as COVID-19 began to seize headlines, counties throughout California were on the front lines as “hotspots,” and citizens of Marin County were paying close attention.  Understanding the critical importance of conveying alerts and daily updates in a visually powerful format that could… Read More about Visual Impact and Great UX for High-Stakes Objectives
Marin County Covid-19 website
Thanksgiving this year will be different from any we’ve ever experienced, but then again, the same could be said for pretty much every aspect of 2020. At Promet Source, we attract talent from all over North America and the world, so we had a bit of a head start navigating remote work requirements… Read More about Bringing Remote Teams Together Despite the Distance
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