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The countdown for the June 2020 release of Drupal 9 has begun. There are the two burning questions on the minds of Drupal Devotees as the Drupal community awaits this next big thing:  What can we expect from Drupal 9? What should we do between now and next June? As the Business Development lead Read More
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The majority of communications regarding digital accessibility tend to focus on websites only. Too often, it’s overlooked that PDFs  are also required to be accessible. Here are some guidelines to help in the review and remediation of existing documents, along with guidance for ensuring Read More
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Business is hopping. You’re hiring Drupal developers with varied backgrounds and skill sets.  When working in Drupal, there are often many ways to achieve the same outcome, and quite often, Drupal developers find themselves on different pages. How do you determine whose way is the 'best' way and Read More
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Smart business decisions tend to be equated with cutting costs and saving money.   Over the past decade or so, “Better! Faster! Cheaper!” has become the rallying cry for business process reengineering and new initiatives within every sector. As a developer and former business owner, I get this. Read More
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Astute marketers have stepped up to the concept of the Buyer’s Journey.  Taking the time to understand the full range of client personas and to gain empathy for the distinct phases that clients progress through as they explore and compare solutions, is now a key component of the marketing mix. Let Read More
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