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Why Drupal is Perfect for Startups

Why Drupal is Perfect for StartupsDrupal: The Perfect CMS?


There are many reasons that Drupal is the perfect platform for startups. There might be endless reasons. Drupal truly offers a perfect environment for a new startup to start with and eventually scale with as the company grows. Because Drupal is open source, the opportunities that are possible are only limited by the imagination of the developer.

Navigation is a key strength in Drupal. Even as a complete novice, you will be able to understand the dashboard at a functional level within a few hours. There is no need to spend days or weeks becoming accustomed to or tweaking the dashboard like you would with some other content management systems. As you become more used to working in the Drupal environment, you will see how expansive the platform can be. You could probably build a fully functional social network with the Drupal CMS is you really had the drive. For most users, the dashboard navigation in Drupal is much quicker than other content management systems and light years faster than coding by hand.

Another huge benefit for startups is the Drupal community. Drupal “geeks” are one of a kind and are fundamentally dedicated to seeing this CMS grow and proliferate as time goes on. Any question, puzzle, or tech issue you may have is just a forum post from being answered, and then some. It is the strength of the community that makes Drupal attractive to new startups. The community is sustainable and safe. This means that, as a startup, you will not have to worry about outdated information or a sheer lack of support at any time. The Drupal community is driven by a common force and everyone who joins is benefiting from and adding to that strength.

Drupal is not limited. It is a content management system for the curious. If you can think it up, you can program Drupal to accomplish your goal. You don’t have to be stuck with a feature, a font, or a glitch that is “built-in.” Simply create something new and your own. Drupal provides developers with that freedom. This is the freedom a startup needs in order to stand out among their peers and their industry. If you choose a CMS that limits your scalability, you are essentially starting out with a handicap from the beginning. Avoid issues like this all together with Drupal.

As a startup, you know that you need all the advantages that you can grab right away. The future of your company is dependent on these advantages. When you become part of the open source community at Drupal, you never have to worry about being held back. You never have to run behind your competitors. Drupal offers startups the freedom to succeed. You can now be one of the many startups that have chosen Drupal as their primary CMS. It is time for you to take a serious look and your development needs for your startup. Then look at what Drupal can offer for you. The answer is right there.