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Drupal Module Usage Update

Maybe it’s the dog days of Spring.  I do know is that Drupal sites are going up but not at the same clip as I've seen in past months. However, the use of Drupal modules continues to tell stories about the sites being built. 

Libraries API and Entity API continue to lead the pack in module usage. During the month of March 2013 (specifically February 25 - March 25), we saw:
  • Entity API grew by 3.21%
  • Libraries API grew by 3.03%. 
The only other Drupal modules that showed gains in usage over the last 4 weeks were CKEditor WYSIWYG HTML Editor, Views Slideshow, and XML Sitemap. For context, Drupal Core usage was down by 2.74%. 
Rounding out the bottom was Image Cache and Image Field that both lost over 14%.
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