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Drupal Module Usage Trends

Organizations of all types and sizes are adopting Drupal because it is a secure, scalable open source CMS for numerous kinds of web and mobile projects. While the overall platform continues to advance, do you know specifically which modules are growing in popularity the fastest? If you were to undertake a Drupal project today, which modules would you use to ensure a viable project?

We started charting the overall advancements of the top 25 Drupal modules currently in use based on popularity. And while the overall trend for EVERY module is growth, some are growing faster than others.

During the period between October 25 - December 16, the fastest growing Drupal module is Libraries API. The Libraries API module is the common denominator for all Drupal modules/profiles/themes that integrate with external libraries. This module has continued to grow in usage during the last couple weeks of the year, while most other module usage has remained flat. Drawing on a base count of 221,621 installations, Libraries API grew at a rate of 11.8% between October 25 and December 16. 

Not too shabby.

Second place in module growth rate is Entity API. Entity API module extends the entity API of Drupal core in order to provide a unified way to deal with entities and their properties.  Entity API usage grew 10.28% for the same 7 week period.

Rounding out the top 5 fastest growing Drupal modules for the last 7 weeks are:

  • XML Sitemap at 7.12% growth
  • Views Slideshow at 5.93% growth
  • CTools Suite at 5.71% growth


Stay tuned as we will provide updates on Drupal module usage trends on a regular basis.

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