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Drupal Migration: House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives is the latest, large government organization to transition their online presence to Drupal. It’s no small project, however, considering the House currently hosts approximately 520 unique sites on a combination of over a dozen proprietary and open source content management platforms—and now, they all need to be powered by Drupal.


Why Did the House Choose Drupal?

  1. Accommodates hundreds of independent websites, each with different sets of features;
  2. Provide the ability to deploy new sites quickly and efficiently;
  3. Enables House Members to use the web designer or developer of their choice by leveraging the Drupal community. 


What is the House’s Chief Administrative Officer Looking For?

Essentially, the CAO is looking to solicit Drupal development firms who are interested in assisting with the Drupal transition and becoming part of an Approved Vendors List.

Ultimately, each House member, committee and an officer will seek his or her own vendor to create a custom website, potentially including visual design, Drupal theming, custom module development and more, on the House Drupal platform.


What Specifically Does the CAO Want in a Vendor?

  • Must be available on a continuous, on-going basis to support the site after its launch;
  • Can be a small or large firm;
  • Must be capable of offering services such as visual design, Drupal theming, custom module development and more;
  • Must adhere to strict conceptual guidelines, coding standards, commenting standards, SQL standards, security checks and more;
  • Vendors should prepare for a 1 week acceptance period between the time development assets are delivered to Web Solutions Group staff and when they are installed and available on the House platform—assuming no issues are discovered that require remediation.

Vendors found to violate development guidelines by way of inappropriate use of site support access will have access revoked.


Why Promet Source is the Perfect Fit:

Promet is one of the first companies to move House sites to Drupal, successfully completing three Drupal Government websites:



Website Transition Highlights:

  • Instead of utilizing existing, pre-sanctioned themes within the platform, Promet produced custom themes for both sites, while maintaining constant House approval
  • Throughout the entire project, Promet was able to meet and maintain all security requirements, vital for any government site transition.
  • Promet was able to implement the "contact" page so that it filtered directly to the House’s IQ document management system, instead of forcing the House to utilize a separate e-mail account.


Promet's Government Experience

Having worked with both State and federal government organizations, serving both large and small entities, Promet is specifically qualified to meet the necessary security and accessibility needs and develop the collaborative, customized features that define the government industry.

Whether it means creating online application forms or developing web-based applications that comply with federal regulations, Promet has the capabilities and technology to create solutions that are backed by high-level security.

Promet is fully immersed in Drupal and excels at the variety of services that vendors may provide based on the House guidelines, including content management, new site development utilizing the platform code, Drupal theming, and creating custom modules for use by sites hosted on the platform.

Is your organization interested in transitioning to Drupal?

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