Ready to level up your skills before the New Year? You're in luck! Promet Training has confirmed Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 courses for developers, project managers and content editors coming up. Each month, Promet Training offers classes in Austin, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Chicago & Live Online Read More
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Wordpress vs. Drupal - How do I choose a CMS for my web development project? The age old question - or at least decades old question of Wordpress vs. Drupal is one we encounter on an almost daily basis. When deciding between the two content management systems, it may not be a question of which is Read More
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Each year, higher education professionals and leaders in accessibility gather for the annual Association on Higher Education and Disability conference. For Promet Accessibility, this conference serves as an excellent way for our team to learn about the web accessibility best practices and latest Read More
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Question: Do I need actual disabled individuals to audit and test my site? This is a question we have continued to receive from clients on a regular basis, and while accessibility auditing with disabled individuals may seem to make sense, it becomes quite cost prohibitive to test individual Read More
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In 2017, 77% of Americans own a smartphone, a phenomenal increase from just 35% in 2011 (source: Pew Research Center Mobile Fact Sheet). And we are not just talking about a single screen size here! There are a multitude of screen sizes to consider from different versions of iPhones, android. And Read More
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