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2 desktop screens with the websites of ALA Ready to Code and Martin County, Florida on the screens and Communicator Award trophies beside them

Exciting Awards, Awesome Clients!

Promet Source is humbled to announce that this summer, two websites that we designed and developed for our clients have won three prestigious awards. 

2019 is the 25th year in which the widely recognized Communicator Awards have recognized "work that transcends innovation and craft"—work that stands to make a "lasting impact." The Communicator Awards receive more 6,000 entries and is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, an invitation-only group consisting of industry-leading professionals from media, communications, advertising, creative and marketing firms. AIVA also judges the W3 Awards, and the Davey Awards.  

The American Association of School Librarians’ 2019 Best Websites for Teaching & Learning rankings are peer reviewed and awarded based on the following criteria: innovation, creativity, active participation, collaboration, free to use, user friendliness, and encouraging for a community of learners to explore and discover. 


Awarding Endeavors

At Promet Source, the satisfaction of a job well done and a client whose expectations have been exceeded is the award we seek and the primary driver of creative solutions, collaborative passion, and constant dedication to staying on top of our game. 

Occasionally, though, there’s another level of achievement and recognition—prestigious awards in which third parties evaluate our work and judge it to be at the leading edge of the rapidly evolving marketing and media landscape.

Both of these award-winning websites represented a labor of love for both Promet Source and our clients. Ready to Code was sponsored by Google and stemmed from a longstanding collaborative effort between the American Library Association and Google. The depth and breadth of resources available on the site are designed to empower librarians to advance computational thinking among children and teens of all backgrounds as an essential component of 21st Century literacy.

The Martin County Florida website served as an opportunity to optimize a utilitarian user experience that streamlined access to the full range of county services, updates, news, and social media connections, while strengthening civic pride with a visually engaging site that leveraged images of the county’s spectacular natural beauty and stunning infrastructural achievements.   

For Martin County, knowledge that their website has received recognition and attention on an international scale has compounded the impact of key objectives: heightened civic pride and greater awareness of a centralized location for conducting all county business.

For the American Library Association Ready to Code site, the recent ranking from the American Association of School Librarians represents a stamp of approval that has served to advance the mission of the site by increasing its credibility and magnifying its objectives, according to Marijke Visser, associate director and senior policy advocate for the American Library Association.


Why Awards Matter

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, pushing the bounds of possibilities is an essential success factor. Leaning on what passed for innovation last year is the path toward tired solutions that don’t resonate with clients and constituents. That’s why we at Promet Source take awards such as these seriously and are honored to be in the company of agencies that share our dedication.

Ultimately, websites win awards because they work. They are built upon a deep level of inquiry that leads to extreme empathy for what users need and what they are hoping to accomplish when they visit a site. 

Users are bombarded every day with messages, media, and technologies that confuse and get in the way. The websites that win awards offer a surprisingly delightful experience in which extra effort and expertise on the part of designers and developers translates into streamlined simplicity—a breath of fresh air within a cluttered and complex world.

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