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Martin County, Florida is located due North of Palm Beach County and within Florida’s Treasure Coast region. With nearly 160,000 full time residents and within a community and region that serves as a magnet for tourists, expectations for the website are high. 

Since 2016, when Promet Source migrated Martin County’s website to a Drupal CMS, Promet has continued to add value as a Drupal support partner, providing ongoing maintenance, strategic consultation, and development work. Most recent projects include a Drupal 7 to 9 migration and the development of a content rich, easily navigated intranet for the county's 1,100 employees.

Promet’s initial redesign of the Martin County website earned it a Communicator Award of Distinction.

Project overview

A basic intranet consisting of a few web pages accompanied the initial launch of Martin County’s Drupal site. In the absence of a robust internet presence, it was not uncommon for the county’s employees to receive three to four internal emails a day. 

Focused on streamlining communication and creating an easily searchable repository of documents and information, Martin County reached out to Promet Source to create a central, online employee resource.

The new intranet has been well received by employees, with Human Resources serving as the biggest enthusiast of a centralized, internal communications hub. 
“Building the intranet within our existing Drupal site has been an essential benefit,” noted Jennifer Hagedorn, web content analyst. “Drupal makes it easy to assign permissions,” she pointed out, “and it’s easy to update and troubleshoot within the Drupal CMS.“

Making the intranet every employees’ default home page, along with automatic sign-in have been two significant factors in the successful launch of the new site. 

The most significant demonstration of the intranet’s value was expected to play out as annual employee benefits open enrollment period neared, and employees could count on minimized emails as alerts along with all information and instructions being centralized and easily accessible from one location.


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