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Quick Steps to Content Strategy in Google Analytics

Keeping your site up to date is about more than a new theme or a fresh layout. Content strategy is another crucial aspect to providing users with the best possible experience. 

But how do you understand what users want to see and interact with on your site? The best place to start is by diving into your site’s Analytics. 
(Note: these instructions will require that your site is equipped with Google Analytics tracking tags.) 

Step by step 


1. Open Report for Behavior > Site Content
2. Select All Pages
3. Expand or shrink the selection (anywhere between 10 - 100 pages can appear in the reporting window)

sample_GA window.jpg

4. Export data to spreadsheet
5. In spreadsheet form, filter the data for pages that don’t contain content, such as the home page or the blog main page* and this will let you see the pieces of your site that have dynamic or changing content. 
6. Sort the data by % Exit

filter thumbnail.jpg

Once you have your data sorted by exit percentage, this should paint a picture of where users are leaping off your page. Look at the % Exit and the bounce rate to see where users are leaving your site most frequently. 

This is the beginning of a bona fide Content Audit process. For more ideas on how to refine your content strategy and get clues to user behavior, read our eBook on Content Audits with Google Analytics. 

1 copy.png

*This isn’t to say that your home page or blog page will remain static — those areas just aren’t as instructive for the next steps in this process. You can revisit their success metrics later if you wish.