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Migrating birds

Migration: Get Ready to Fly!?!?

Talk to Promet about the birds; talk to your mother about the bees.

It’s coming...Drupal 8 will be released this year.  It is coming with some much-anticipated features: responsive themes, mobile administration, solutions for multilingual sites, improved content editing and new modules in Drupal Core. 

However, this means Drupal 6 will be outdated - Drupal 6 modules and security may no longer be supported!

 If you are still on Drupal 6, it's time to plan your migration strategy to Drupal 7 or 8 so you can keep your site up-to-date and secure. (Get it? Migrating birds?)

Can't decide between flying to Drupal 7 or 8?  There's a lot to consider and we can help.



  • Drupal 7 is a mature platform with contributed codes and modules.  It is quite an improvement over Drupal 6.  AND it will be supported by the community until the release of Drupal 9.
  • Drupal 8 stands to be an even bigger improvement, however, in its initial phase there might be some growing pains.  You can choose 8 and benefit from its improved performance & maintenance, but it might be vulnerable in the beginning.
  • Drupal 8 will have better tools for layouts, views, caching, mobility, etc...But if you wait to migrate from D6 to D8, you will have to migrate fast!
  • Drupal 7 will have a shorter shelf-life than Drupal 8, but it will be easier to migrate from D7 to D8 as opposed to D6 to D8. 
  • Ask yourself: "Does my Drupal 6 site use modules that will not be ready and available for Drupal 8 when it is released?" If you answered "Yes," you need to upgrade to Drupal 7 instead of waiting for Drupal 8.  


Ultimately, your decision will be unique to your site. Promet Source will help you determine the best migration plan based on your site's size, users, number of contributed modules, timeline, etc.