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The recent Drupal 8 end of life, and the upcoming decommissioning of Drupal 7, has created an environment in which migration to Drupal 9 is a top-of-mind consideration for the majority of Drupal site owners. 

For some, the topic is sparking far more stress and uncertainty than action. 

For others, efforts to cut corners, or the bad luck of ending up with a sub-par Drupal agency that lacked the commitment or capacity to ensure a value-added Drupal 9 migration experience, has set back migration initiatives or sent the process off track. 


Wherever you are in your Drupal 9 migration journey, Promet Source can help.                

                                                                                                                                                          Give us a call!

As committed members of the Drupal community, we are passionate about optimizing Drupal migrations and positioning clients to enjoy the benefits of a far superior CMS.


Turning Stress into Success

Our team of Drupal migration experts is adept at efficiently assessing your site’s:

  • Content structure, 
  • User experience
  • Backend architecture,
  • Custom and contributed modules, plus
  • The full scope of factors that can affect a seamless, ASAP transition to Drupal 9. 


A proven, repeatable approach to Drupal 9 migration 

Focused on the four pillars of auditing, strategy, implementation, and testing, our team is adept at untangling complexities, removing roadblocks, and optimizing the latest Drupal 9 migrations tools and know-how to ensure that your website is positioned to fully leverage the complete range of advantages that Drupal 9 has to offer.


Curious what it’s like to work with a Drupal migration partner who is passionate about your success? Let’s talk