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Body When a well-entrenched regional business grows by continuously building upon a track record of service, integrity, and quality, the website needs to help reinforce those values. That was not the case at Binford Supply for many years, which maintained a solid market… Read More
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Binford Supply website on iPad
Body It’s been nearly five months since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic and a national emergency. This, of course, is not how any of us imagined 2020 would play out when marketing plans were put in place at the start of the year. Despite the disruption and tragic human… Read More
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Body Website redesign decisions often percolate for months, if not years, before action is taken and the team dives in for a do-over. Prior to taking the plunge, there tends to be a lot of low-grade dissatisfaction that gains momentum, as more and more conversations focus all… Read More
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Reasons to Redesign a Website
Body Is a design revolution on the way? History says yes. A new decade tends to usher in new design trends, but 2020 is turning out to be much more than just a new decade. As we look forward to finally breathing a sigh of relief, once COVID-19 heads for the history books, now… Read More
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Body Just because a website is required to follow WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines doesn’t mean it can’t have a great design. Sometimes this misconception can frustrate designers before they even begin to understand the accessibility guidelines and the reasons they exist.… Read More
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The word "design" in lower case letters overlaid with braille dots and the "accessible by Promet Source" logo
Body A recent prospect responded to my inquiry about the project budget with this:   "We can't release budget information as we need all vendors to bid their best price. If they know the budget they just bid right up to it."   I've always known that is the fear, but in the… Read More