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Client Information

Founded in 1966, and named for a 19th Century Pottawatomie Native American Chief, Waubonsee Community College is a thriving educational institution that offers online learning, as well as classroom instruction from locations in Sugar Grove, Aurora, and Plano, Illinois. Devoted to serving the lifelong learning needs of the community in the far Western suburbs of Chicago, total enrollment, including both credit and non-credit students, stands at more than 20,000 with 90+ Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree programs.

Project overview

Promet Source worked with Waubonsee Community College to transform the usability and functionality of mywcc to create an integrated, easy-to-navigate platform from which which students, faculty, staff, and others can access information and resources. 

The original mywcc had been built on a home-grown platform. In the process of rebuilding and integrating it with the, Promet Source strategically leveraged several Drupal modules, as well as the the existing Drupal theme, while customizing specific capabilities. With the combined capabilities of the new mywcc, the college has achieved the full scope of priorities and expectations for a communications platform that students and stakeholders found easy to use, as well as being fully integrated as a top-of-mind, go-to resource for conducting college business and staying informed with updates and essential information. 

Student adoption of the new mywcc is being fueled by factors that include mobile responsiveness, which allows for the same features and functionality for both the mobile and desktop versions of the site. Another major improvement in the new mywcc is a Resources page that’s designed to fast-track student adoption of the site by providing quick access to high-demand information, along with an enhanced Search capability that streamlines access to needed information.

Technical Specifications

Key Drupal Modules Used:

simpleSAMLphp Authentication. This module enables students and all users to log on to mywcc using their existing account number for and log-in information.

Google API. Drupal’s Google API module, shows clickable previews from students’ five most recent emails on their mywcc homepage.

Audiences/Taxonomy Navigation. Promet’s custom-built Audiences module, implemented through Drupal Taxonomy, directs specific content items to specific user groups, such as students, faculty, staff, trustees, and parents, based on the users’ log-in information.

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