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California’s County of Marin, occupies a unique corner of the world. North of San Francisco, and directly across the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County encompasses some of the most scenic and storied sites in the United States -- Muir Woods, a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed civic center, and the 1855 Point Bonita Lighthouse, to name just a few. With a mission to promote and protect the health, well being, self-sufficiency, and safety of all people in Marin County, the Department of Health and Human Services provides a depth and breadth of resources and support to a highly diverse community of close to 260,000 full-time residents. Health and Human Services stands as the largest department within Marin County, with more than 700 employees and 40 programs devoted to serving the community from 12 locations.

Project overview

Early in 2020, as COVID-19 began to seize headlines, counties throughout California were on the front lines as “hotspots,” and citizens of Marin County were paying close attention.

Understanding the critical importance of conveying alerts and daily updates in a visually powerful format that could be quickly grasped without scrolling through tables or performing calculations, Marin County Health and Human Services did a search for best-in-class solutions, and reached out to Promet Source. Promet had recently received positive coverage for designing COVID-19 sites for counties in other parts of the county.

An essential objective for the project: speed. The rate of new cases was rising every day and with close to one fourth of the population over the age of 65, accurate information was viewed as a critical strategy in containing the spread and saving lives.

Promet quickly got to work in partnering with Marin County Health & Human Services to redesign the Marin County Coronavirus Information website.

Following the skillful launch of the coronavirus site, Marin County Health & Human Services reached back out to Promet for help ensuring strong visibility for other high-stakes websites.

Technical Specifications

  • The Drupal Paragraphs Module provides non-technical content editors with powerful capabilities for easily making updates and revisions to pages.
  • The Drupal Switch Page Theme Module enables an iterative rollout of the site on a page-by-page basis.
  • The Drupal DraggableViews Module helped in organizing the FAQs page and reordering as necessary via Drag and Drop functionality. 
  • Drupal Search API provides the intelligence that informed the most effective ordering of the FAQs page. 
  • Emulsify accelerated the pace of development by enabling developers to reuse and leverage design components rather than theming each page from scratch.
  • The selection of Pantheon as the hosting partner resulted in significant cost efficiencies resulting from Pantheon’s support for the public health mission of the site. 


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