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Waubonsee Community College mywcc representation

Retooling Higher Ed Sites for the New and Next Normal

Covid-19 has presented higher education websites with distinct challenges. During a semester when it's iffy whether students or faculty will be present on campus at all, a cohesive communications platform that offers easy access to all necessary updates, information, and resources is more important than ever before.

Waubonsee Community College was ahead of the pandemic, reaching out to Promet Source for help in redeveloping its mywcc communications platform at the very start of 2020.

The original mywcc site was built as a a homegrown platform, and a system of outdated applets had led to complicated navigation and difficulty finding needed information. The result was an over reliance on administrative staff for the types of questions and functions that mywcc was intended to handle.

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The overriding goal for the new mywcc was the development of a top-of-mind, go-to resource for conducting college business and staying informed with updates and essential information.  


Flexibility, Speed Fuel Fast Adoption

An absolute key to this initiative was a greater understanding of how the community college cohort group used technology, which meant the assurance of mobile responsiveness and seamless integration with both the college website and students' email accounts. Also helpful in fast-tracking student adoption of mywcc:

  • A Resources page that presents quick access to high-demand information, and
  • An enhanced Search capability that streamlines access to needed information.

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