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An a map of the word with doodles of events locations that Prometsource had attended to during 2012

Promet Source On The Road in 2012

In the interests of evangelizing Drupal, Promet hit the road, air, and seas in 2012. We hit numerous Drupal Camps and Cons and Weeks. Not only did we attend, we contributed lots and lots of content in the form of presentations, talks, and sessions.

Our travels took us to 13 different cities, on 3 separate continents over 7 unique time zones.

We attended and presented at 14 different Drupal Camps. At the various Drupal Camps, we presented 24 times.

Total miles traveled by Prometsters:  30,480

The most distant destination visited in 2012 was Singapore, a total of 9,363 miles from Chicago, followed closely by Manila at a scant 8,141 miles from Chicago.

We hit Europe too, checking in in Munich, Germany. If you are keeping score at home, Munich is 4,527 miles from Chicago.

Stateside, Promet never stayed put for longer than 30 days. Here are the Drupal Camps in the US we attended in 2012:


  • San Diego, CA in January
  • Denver, CO in March
  • Nashville, TN in April
  • Chicago, IL in June
  • Washington, DC in July (hot and humid)
  • Asheville, NC in August
  • Ames, IA in August
  • Atlanta, GA in October
  • Berkeley, CA in November
  • Chicago, IL again in November
  • Columbus, OH in November


2013 is looking to be another big year for Promet and we will break our mileage record. Where did your travels take you? Let us know.