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Lightning Talks: Promet Contributes in Drupal Discussions: Wednesday March 9th

Lightning Talks: Promet Contributes in Drupal Discussions: Wednesday March 9th

/ Contributing to Drupal 

Taking place in the Day Stage Room, this Lightning Talk will allow users to get involved in the Drupal Community. Users, developers, business people, and other members of the Drupal community will come together to discuss all things Drupal. In this lightning talk, YOU will be able to begin writing documentation, providing support in the issues queue/forums/irc, submitting patches, contributing modules/themes and getting a SUG started where you are. Take part in this Lightning talk with Promet from 10:00AM-11: 00 AM

/ Getting Started Quickly with Drupal

To get you started quickly using the variety of Drupal tools and applications, this Lightning Talk will inform you of how to hit the ground running. Part of this session will discuss Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) and will show you how easy it is to build a spectacular conference/event website to execute a great conference. Furthermore, this Lightning Talk will present the effective and effortless tool that is Microsoft WebMatrix. This tool makes the installation, customization, and deployment of Drupal faster and easier than ever before. Discussion in this session will also cover how to build Drupal Sites quickly and how to utilize the Pantheon Drupal Platform in Drupal 7. Take part in this Lightning Talk with Promet from 1:00PM-2: 00 PM

/ Drupal Hosting Power Hour

This session will compile all the needed information on how Drupal is constantly developing and who is involved in these changes. Promet Source: Configuration Management and Drupal come full circle in this Lightning Talk as Promet is one of the companies that has been pioneering the changes in the Drupal software. This Lightning talk will discuss the different Drupal platforms as well as the benefits of running your website through Drupal. Consider this Lightning Talk from 2:15PM-3: 15 PM and join Promet and other Drupal professionals

Take part in these power hour Drupal discussions with Promet, as we anticipate them to be valuable for both veterans of Drupal software as well as welcomed newcomers.