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A Break from the Ordinary at DrupalCon Los Angeles

Normally I’m sitting at home in Iowa, rocking the boxer shorts on the couch. The Xbox controller is in arm’s reach. Or maybe I’m tearing up a single track course on my mountain bike. But this week, none of that. This week is different.

It’s DrupalCon, so you know I have to put away the games and pack up the power brick so I can join in the fun. I ran through this quick Q&A about my plan for DrupalCon with Promet's marketing team to help understand my goals for this year's big show.

Q: What's one new area of Drupal you want to explore?

A: I’ve done lots of php development, but I’ve never done any theming. 

Q: What are your goals for this year’s Con? 

A: I'd like to pick up one new technology and then go experiment and be conversant in it. I think the winner is going to be using Twig to theme in Drupal 8. 

Q: Who do you want to see in person? Why him or her?

A: MortenDK. Because he’s been a main handler of theming in Drupal 8. And his personality is great. 

Q: Which game station has the hottest action? Ping pong? Air hockey? 

A: It's definitely ping pong. 

Q: How many members of your team made the journey with you? 

A: I'm actually the sole rep of my current project team to make the journey. No pressure, right? 

Q: Any foods you'd like to sample while on the west coast?

A: As long as it doesn't have any cheese in it, not even a single molecule, then I'm good. I'll try anything.

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