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Client Information

The Marin County Prevention and Outreach team is focused on fostering resilience, creating hope and strengthening community connections. In addition to providing direct support services, the team leads the Marin County Suicide Prevention Collaborative, launched in response to the county’s February 2020 suicide prevention strategic plan. Managing more than 30 contracts with community-based organizations, Prevention and Outreach conducts advocacy, training, and education in the community to create greater awareness of and access to Marin County behavioral health resources and services. 

Project overview

Having recently come together as a cohesive whole with a well-defined strategic plan, the Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Prevention and Outreach team engaged with Promet Source in a discovery workshop, followed by the design and development of a new website. The team’s objectives were multi-faceted, centering on the creation of a comforting community hub, that fueled awareness of and interaction with the full scope of available services, resources, events, and community connections. Also essential was a flexible CMS that could be easily updated and maintained by stakeholders and content editors without ever needing to touch the site’s underlying code. 

Technical Specifications

  • Provus leverages the latest drag and drop page-building tools to enable non-technical content editors to update pages as needed and take ownership of the site. 
  • Drupal Views enables content editors to select from a simple list in Layout Builder and pull in content.
  • Taxonomy is an essential driver to the site’s functionality enabling visitors to find resources and events, while allowing for powerful capabilities for connecting and classifying content. 
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