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Project Manager

Julie Ann Samson is a Project Manager at Promet Source.  She has over a decade of hands-on project and program management experience, with more than seven years of it as a Scrum Master, Project Manager and/or Product Owner for various B2C and B2B software, web, and mobile development projects. She also has 10 years of experience in Member Services Operations and Leadership Development.

On the personal side, Julie loves books and gravitates towards romance, urban fantasy, thriller, suspense, historical, spy and espionage novels. She has wanderlust and loves to travel.  When she started working remotely, she was a professed digital nomad, and was able to travel and explore different countries and still work.

Julie is also a foodie, one of the reasons she loves going to new places is to be able to explore various cuisines - the affordable ones, of course. She loves watching food shows, food videos and browsing food photos on Instagram.