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Even though 2020 came to a close with an overwhelming sense of “good riddance,” the year was not all bad. It was filled with as many surprises as it was filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and many new developments. The realities of remote work revealed new levels of resilience and… Read More
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Top Promet Source blogs of 2020
These are interesting times for securing tech talent. With the current unemployment rate at 3.7 percent, the job market is highly competitive, and that’s particularly true for the technology sector.  Reaching out to agencies that can offer the right talent when and where it is needed is proving… Read More
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A recent prospect responded to my inquiry about the project budget with this:   "We can't release budget information as we need all vendors to bid their best price. If they know the budget they just bid right up to it."   I've always known that is the fear, but in the hundreds of website projects I… Read More
Promet Source, a leading interactive firm specializing in complex Drupal development achieves major business milestone: Ten years in business.   In 2003, Promet Source President, Andrew Kucharski already completed a successful tenure as a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young (now Cap Gemini… Read More
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