Metatag AI: SEO-Friendly Meta Tags for Drupal

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Are you tired of manually creating meta tags for your public sector website? Metatag AI is here to simplify your SEO efforts. Developed by our amazing team at Promet Source, the people behind Provus® and Promethia, this nifty module harnesses the power of OpenAI and AWS Bedrock to automatically generate optimized title tags and meta descriptions for your content.



How we can help

At Promet Source, we understand the challenges of managing a large website's SEO. With limited resources and ever-changing priorities, creating optimized meta tags for thousands of pages is daunting. To help you focus on heavier SEO tasks and achieve better search rankings with less effort, we developed Metatag AI.



Harnessing the latest technology to serve the public better

By leveraging advanced AI platforms like OpenAI and AWS Bedrock, Metatag AI automatically generates relevant, SEO-friendly meta tags for your Drupal site. This means citizens can more easily discover your services, resources, and information through search engines. With Metatag AI, you're not just optimizing your website—you're enhancing the public's access to vital content.



Features and benefits we've experienced that you'll love

Metatag AI is packed with powerful features designed to simplify your SEO efforts. With its advanced AI capabilities, seamless integration, and future-proof functionality, this module streamlines the process of creating optimized meta tags for your Drupal site.

  • Automatically generates relevant, SEO-friendly meta tags based on content title and body.
  • Seamless integration with OpenAI and AWS Bedrock for advanced AI capabilities.
  • Compatible with the popular Metatag module for easy implementation.
  • Support for Drupal 9, 10, and 11, ensuring future-proof functionality.



Say goodbye to free meta description generators

Our SEO Expert & Content Strategist personally loves meta description generators, but they're 100% saying goodbye. You see, Metatag AI offers several compelling advantages that set it apart:

  • Automatically generates unique, compelling meta tags for each page.
  • Ensures your title tags and H1 tags are different, a common yet overlooked SEO best practice.
  • Improves click-through rates with engaging title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Saves valuable time and resources by eliminating manual meta tag creation—extremely useful for websites with a large volume of content.

It’s installed in your Drupal website, removing the need to use an external tool to create your meta tags.



Who can benefit from Metatag AI?

  • Anyone managing a large Drupal site with frequently updated content!
  • Marketing teams looking to save time and effort on SEO tasks.
  • Content editors who want to ensure their pages are optimized for search engines.
  • Website owners aiming to improve their search rankings and drive more organic traffic.

In fact, 78 websites are already experiencing the benefits of this module.


Weekly usage Metatag AI by Promet Source


How can I start using this module?

It’s effortless and you can get started in no time:

  • Install and enable the Metatag module on your Drupal site.
  • Download and enable the Metatag AI module.
  • Configure your API integration with OpenAI or AWS Bedrock.
  • Select the content types where you want to use Metatag AI.
  • Create your chosen content.
  • Click “Generate Metatag” to start generating optimized meta tags for your content.


Bring your public sector site to the forefront of search results

Don't let manual meta tag creation hold back your SEO efforts. With Metatag AI, you can harness the power of cutting-edge AI technology to optimize your Drupal site for search engines. Save time, improve your rankings, and drive more organic traffic with this game-changing module.