Promet + DubBot: A Value-Packed Partnership

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At Promet Source, we build websites that are capable of a lot of heavy lifting. 

There’s a lot under the hood that factors into a successful site—from the assurance that ADA web accessibility standards are met, to the fine points of optimizing for the search engines, to brand alignment and much more, 

Once a site launches though, it’s subject to frequent content updates, layout revisions, and occasional design tweaks.

What kinds of guard rails are in place to keep important factors from falling off track?


Promet clients have the advantage of our partnership with DubBot.

DubBot’s web governance software regularly monitors websites for vulnerabilities such as misspellings, broken links, accessibility issues, SEO challenges, or breaks from brand guidelines.

Here’s an overview of the many ways that DubBot software detects website vulnerabilities that can impede both performance and customer experience.


Web Accessibility Checks

DubBot tests websites for all levels of web accessibility as defined by WCAG 2.1.


Broken Link Checks

Automated scans easily identify broken links, allowing for them to be fixed quickly. 


Web Governance Checks

Customizable Web Governance Checks serve to enforce legal, style, branding, and regulatory requirements.


Spelling Checks

Misspellings can make your site appear unpolished. DubBot software roots them out and recommends the correct fix. 


Readability Checks

Not too erudite. Not too simplistic. The goal for your content is a sweet spot that aligns with your persona profiles. DubBot software scores web content, offering invaluable insight into where it falls on the readability spectrum.


SEO Checks

DubBot software tests whether webpages follow SEO best practices, paving the way for improved search rankings.


Uptime Monitoring

Being the first to know about a site outage is the key to getting it fixed fast. Uptime Monitoring immediately forwards alerts of any site status changes. 


DubBot is the Best Web Governance software ever I've used. The tool works seamlessly. The fact that it comes with spell checking, checks for broken links, and many other features, as well as accessibility checks, is just amazing. 

                                                  --Aaron Armstrong, Drupal Developer and Web Accessibility Expert, Promet Source


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