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Promet 20 year anniversary

Burning Bright for Two Decades: Reflections on Success Factors

Having recently celebrated two decades of Igniting Digital Possibilities, Promet Source hardly qualifies as a startup. But time flies, and this important 20-year milestone has sparked a lot of reflection on the startup energy and expertise that launched our company and continues to propel us forward. 

It’s a widely documented fact that 90 percent of startups fail. As a proud member of the other 10 percent, we’d like to share our thoughts on essential success factors:


Promet's Five Top Success Factors

1. Strong Leadership

If you have had the chance to meet Andrew Kucharski, Promet’s president and founder, or any member of our leadership team, you would unequivocally agree that Promet offers a distinct and refreshing blend of visionary expertise, collaborative energy, and passion for client success. 

2. Market Alignment

From the very get-go, we’ve been laser focused on the distinct and evolving needs of our clients and the digital tools, expertise, and solutions that combine to meet and exceed expectations

3. Excellent Client Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Not to diminish the efforts of our marketing team, but the truth is, Promet’s client acquisition and retention efforts are largely focused on hiring and cultivating great talent, who clients love working with, and choose to keep the relationship going with website support and maintenance partnerships after their sites are designed and developed. 


4. Enthusiastic Embrace of Changing Market Conditions, Evolving Customer Needs, and Emerging Technologies

Nowhere is this more apparent these days than in our sharp focus on AI for Drupal development.

5. A Talented Team

There is no substitute for sourcing top talent from around, and cultivating skilled and motivated teams who have a diverse set of skills and who work cohesively toward ambitious goals.


Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation and Excellence

The official celebration of Promet’s 20th anniversary took place at the company’s headquarters location in Chicago. At this special event, most of our North American employees convened to commemorate two decades of service, collaboration, and progress in the realm of web development and design.

The atmosphere throughout the event was one of reflection and strategic discussion, as we took the opportunity to engage in conversations aimed at enhancing our services and better meeting the needs of our clients. Splitting into departments allowed for focused dialogue on topics such as quality assurance, security standards, and the alignment of our efforts with Promet's overarching mission and goals. 


Promet team Chicago retreat


We also made sure to carve out plenty of time to bond as a larger group, swapping stories, laughs, and memories with both new and old team members. Employees enjoyed navigating an escape room together, exploring local restaurants and bars, and experiencing what several different neighborhoods of Chicago have to offer.



It was invigorating to see teams come together to brainstorm ways to elevate Promet Source to new heights. We're not just about building websites; we're about building relationships and delivering solutions that make a real difference in our customers’ digital journeys.

One of the most exciting parts of the gathering was exploring how we can integrate new technology and innovative strategies into our processes. Whether it's harnessing the power of AI, embracing the latest trends in UX/UI design, or staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge development frameworks, we have a sharp focus on emerging trends and leveraging leading-edge tools to deliver enhanced solutions for our clients.