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Higher Education websites serve as an essential marketing vehicle to connect with prospective undergrads. Current students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni also rely heavily on the website. 


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With a depth and breadth of expectations at stake, Higher Education sites are called upon to do a lot of heavy lifting, and function on many levels. 

  • For prospective undergrads, a web experience is often their first impression of a college or university.
  • From submitting applications, to signing up for classes, to making tuition payments, and so much more, the website serves as a single hub for conducting business and accessing essential information.
  • A central platform that is accessed by every member of the college or university community, the website serves as a unifying messaging and branding channel. 
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At Promet Source, we’re adept at leveraging the power of Drupal to meet the vast demands of Higher Education websites.


With unsurpassed expertise and a passionate commitment the distinct needs of Higher Education clients, we listen, we learn, and we pursue innovative solutions that enhance efficiencies, drive engagement, and ensure optimal user experiences.


Here are the key reasons why we at Promet Source believe that Drupal is the top CMS for Higher Education websites:

  • Promet’s Provus platform for Drupal enables non-technical content editors to easily spin up new pages and make revisions to the site without needing to touch the underlying code or contact IT.
  • Drupal meets ADA Web Accessibility guidelines across multiple devices.
  • Multisite functionality and inherent scalability allows for a high degree of content editing efficiency plus individual departmental control. 
  • Security is both transparent and robust, ensuring protection for student information and all sensitive data.


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