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Your Guide to Drupal Support for 2016

If 2015 was a good year for your Drupal site then first let me say kudos. Well done! 

If it wasn't such a good year then you have my sympathy. More importantly, you have support -- Drupal Support!

Use our checklist of Drupal site supportability to determine if your site is in good shape to weather another year or if it could use a performance boost in 2016:

drupal support 2016 checklist_RESIZE.png

Wishing you and your Drupal site a happy new year filled with optimal performance! 

Want to learn more about Drupal site support? Read our eBook on Drupal Site Audits, the most efficient way to diagnose performance issues with Drupal sites and return them to an optimal state. Promet Source will conduct an audit, deliver a detailed report and then perform critical fixes.