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Thunder and Lightning: LoadStorm and Other Ways to Stress Out Your Drupal Site: Recorded from DrupalCon


When it comes to site performance, we all know the simple truths:



Slower Page Load=Less Money

Andy Kucharski (Drupal luminary) returned to DrupalCon. This time, he was selected to present all o' the load-testing data and demos you could ever need! 

In this Session, Promet Source’s Andy Kucharski showed the audience how to properly & accurately load test, the impact of performance, the best improvements that positively affect performance, and the fundamentals of capacity planning & performance tuning. 
Now, you can watch live load testing! Test speed beyond content loading! Understand how to read/analyze test results! Understand common mistakes and how to prevent them! See the results from Promet and leading Load Testing Software provider, LoadStorm who collaborated to test out-of-the-box Drupal sites on standard servers. Hit play and change the way you understand your site!