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Ready for the Holiday Blitz? Get Ready for Web Traffic!

Oh, the holidays.  For some this means a celebration with family & friends; for others, it means “comfort & joy”; for some, it means elastic waistband pants to accommodate for the annual holiday season of feasting.  But for many, it means WORK: Holiday sales, holiday promotions and of course an increase in web traffic that comes with the need to ramp up web support, maintenance and hosting.
As we approach the holiday season make sure (REALLY SURE) that your commerce site is prepared for holiday traffic. Trust our Systems Administrators to deliver rapid scaling so that every time your site has a proverbial “Blitzen” of traffic, there's a "Dasher and a Donner" standing in the wings to deliver every page.
The biggest issue that arises on sites during the holiday season is that the number of site visitors increases - which translates to sales opportunities. Is your site ready for the increase in page loads and cart adds?  If it’s not, you risk slow performance and your customer will go elsewhere.  Make sure your site is scaled up and ready for more hits to the database. Let Promet’s DevOps engineers fine-tune your server so that it’s correctly configured to distribute resources to your customers.
Scaling on some platforms can be costly. But not scaling can be even more costly if it keeps your customers from making purchases or staying on your site. We will work to ensure that your setup not only maximizes performance but is also cost-effective. Our Audit and On-Board Package is the best gift you can give your bottom line.
Further, make sure your hosting provider can fulfill your performance, security and compliance needs. While we can work with any hosting provider, we strongly recommend Rackspace.  As a Rackspace Silver Partner, we can pass along great rates and manage/support your site with them while you focus on delivering sales.  Promet Source will even manage a smooth migration to Rackspace so you can start saving.  For example, we recently migrated a partner to a mixed cloud server environment which resulted in a yearly savings of approximately $1,000.
Give your commerce customers an optimal experience and your holiday revenues will be merry and bright.