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Promet Session at CapitalCamp: Project Management Tools and Organization

Promet Session at CapitalCamp: Project Management Tools and Organization

Catch Andy Kucharski and Johnnie Fox on July 27, 2:00 - 2:45 PM at Session Rm 310 as they talk about the different tools to improve project management and support agile development. 

“We are excited to present in Washington D.C. this year,” says Promet CEO, Andy Kucharski. “Promet has been doing a lot of work in the mobile space and we’ll be sharing some of our client case studies.  We have been successful in managing projects with an agile approach which we will be sharing as well.” Here is a sneak peek at the first of two presentations, Project Management Tools and Organization.

As many Drupal development firms continue to evolve and mature, we often run into many management issues involved with the growing pains. One of the biggest of those issues is effective and efficient project management. In this session, we will discuss tools and processes to use throughout the development project and beyond, as well as best practices to help your organization go and stay agile. We will delve into Redmine as an example of a highly flexible, open source project management tool for supporting agile development and support.

We will cover tools in the following categories:
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Internal processes
  • Client reporting
  • Ticketing and task management for development and support
These tools help us:
  • Run all operational aspects of a 30+ person Drupal shop
  • Stay organized and agile
  • Communicate amongst team members
  • Remotely manage distributed, virtual teams
  • Document our work
  • Track our time
  • Provide clients with visibility and transparency

Click here to view the session's info on the CapitalCamp website.

Watch for the full presentation to be posted on the Promet blog soon!