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Promet to present three sessions at Chicago Drupal Con

We are very pleased to announce that John Nollin, Rachel Jaro and Andrew Kucharski will be presenting at this year's Chicago Drupal Con 2010.  


John Nollin - Conversion - Human Engion Optimization

Day: Sunday Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Room: Duo Consulting

Writing for PEOPLE not ROBOTS HEO – (Human Engine Optimization) The main focus will be on POST module work, utilizing your design, user interface, and maximizing your content for user retention and conversion. I intend on offering advice for both designers & marketers, as well as the businesses that must focus on margins, conversions, and analytics. 1) Be 2010: How to incorporate twitter, facebook, email, & blogs 2) Your calling: Optimize your call to action 3) Where the eye wanders: DONT MAKE ME THINK! 4) One team, One message: Fluid messaging throughout 5) Analytics (This session can be used to follow a SEO session or can include a review of imperative SEO modules to start but its primary focus is the other end of site optimization)

Rachel Jaro - Migrating 100,000 pages of content from legacy CMS to Drupal

Migration is a job that both the client and developer must always get in sync. This session will discuss strategies, process and tools involving the developer and the client to successfully migrate contents from a legacy CMS to Drupal. This involves plans before the migration, actions before the actual migration actual migration and post migration tasks.

Andrew Kucharski - Making Drupal Run Faster

What does it mean when someone says “My Site is slow now”?

What is page speed? How do you measure it? How can you make it faster?

We’ll try to answer these questions, provide you with a set of tools to use and explain how this relates to your server load. We will cover: - What is page load speed?

– Tools used to measure performance of your pages and site

– Six Key Improvements to make Drupal “run fast”

++ Performance Module settings and how they work

++ Caching – biggest gainer and how to implement Boost

++ Other quick hits: off loading search, tweaking settings & why running crons is important

++ Ask your host about APC and how to make sure its set up correctly

++ Dare we look at the database? Easy changes that will help a lot! - Monitoring Best practices – what to set up to make sure you know what is going on with your server

– What if you get slashdoted? Recommendation on how to quickly take cover from a rhino.