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"Things we Love"

Things We Love: Tools and More that Power Productivity

Here at Promet Source, love for our families and friends, co-workers and clients is a constant source of inspiration and energy. 

As Valentine’s Day 2023 approached, we thought this was the perfect time to dig a bit deeper and share some of the tools and tactics that are helping us to be better connected and more productive, while fueling new efficiencies and greater possibilities. 

Often, it’s the little things that make a big difference, and we’ve covered some of that here. 
There’s also a lot of truly big stuff, that sparks love and gratitude – such as like-minded team members who delight in furry friends making an occasional appearance on a Zoom call.


Animal Loving Team Members

Pamela Ross, Vice President of Operations and Delivery

The screenshot below is certainly not typical of a Promet team meeting, but there’s a chair next to mine where my dog, Lumen, feels free to randomly pop in whenever she feels in need of attention. Many of us have pets, their names are known to members of the team, and pet appearances are welcome additions to online meetings. 

Another source of a guaranteed mood lift is our promet_pets Slack channel, where images of dogs, cats and the occasional iguana are shared with the team. 

Things We Love: Pets



Aaron Armstrong, Drupal Developer

Here’s what I love about DubBot as a tool to efficiently find and fix web accessibility errors, as well as an array of hidden problems on a web page. 

  • A really beautiful UI that allows users to easily see which Accessibility rules have been broken, on what pages, and how to fix them.
  • The ability to sort by error level or type allows developers to quickly fix repeat errors.
  • Automated reporting, which allows both project managers and developers to get accessibility updates and reporting as a site is being developed.
  • Next-level support from experts who respond within minutes. 

ECamm Live

Rod Martin, Promet Instructor

Ecamm Live has proven to be an huge boost to the effectiveness and level of participant engagement with Promet’s online Drupal Training. It’s the tool that enables me to intersperse confetti, sound effects, overlays and a diverse range of capabilities that add a broad dimension to video training. At this point, I can’t imagine leading online training without it.  

Rod Martin teaching online



Cassey Bowman, Marketing Director

Trello is a user-friendly tool that helps our teams to efficiently collaborate, achieve goals, and hold each other accountable. Plus: everyone on the team finds it satisfying to check off tasks and record progress.


The Drupal Responsive Images Module

Aaron Armstrong, Drupal Developer

Here’s what I love about the Responsive Images module:

  • It is dirt simple to setup your own breakpoints in your theme, allow for different image styles at different breakpoints, or Retina ready devices.
  • The ability to setup responsive images both in the UI in a "view mode" or in a Twig template allows for considerable flexibility.
  • It allows for the ability to load correct image sizes on the right breakpoints, so page loads are faster and more performant.

My Portable Laptop Monitor

Danita Bowman, Training Program Manager

I love my portable laptop monitor for both traveling and everyday use. In addition to serving as a laptop screen extender, it can connect to my iPad to provide a second monitor. 

My Sony Headset 

Luc Bezier, Solutions Architect

The noise canceling function of my Sony Headset wh-1000xm3 is great and very useful on the airplane or any noisy place where I need to concentrate.  

There is much to love as we look forward in 2023.

From all of us at Promet Source, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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